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About Us

We focus on video marketing, affiliate marketing, selling techniques and framework and providing online business solutions. Harnessing the Private Label Rights industry which comes with our exclusive selling tools and pitching framework.

Our exclusive selling and marketing tools are minimal capital cost based:

  1. Squeeze Page / Landing Page / WordPress Page / Mini Website.
  2. Highly Converting Sales Copy Writing Page .
  3. Joint Venture Page with Product Cost Analysis pertaining vendor and affiliates interests.
  4. Series of Email Template Follow Ups to Engage Digital Subscribers.
  5. Provide Design Services comprised Animations, Graphics, Mock-Ups, Video Sales Letters, and Design Book or Product Covers.
  6. Provide Free After Effect Templates and Free Digital Marketing & Business Trainings.
  7. Last but not least, Adobe After Effect and Power Point Animated Video Templates

We appreciate for affiliates’ joint venture and partnership, and we offer high commissions for our digital products via JV Zoo Platform. Click here to view our products…..


Any inquiry? email us at affiliateinstantstartup@jbjtmarketers.org or video4you@jbjtmarketers.org

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