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About Us

We do video marketing, affiliate marketing, online selling techniques and framework, and online business solutions. Mainly focusing on Private Label industry that comes with our exclusive selling tools and pitching framework. Our exclusive selling and marketing tools as follow:

  1. Squeeze Page / Landing Page / WordPress Page / Mini Website;
  2. Highly Converting Sales Copy Writing Page;
  3. Email Template Follow Ups;
  4. Free After Effect Templates and Digital Marketing Training and Private Labels;
  5. Adobe After Effect Video Template and Graphics.


1. New videos have been uploaded in Youtube. Click here to view.
2. DIY Digital Marketing Framework course is live now. Click here to enroll.
3. Instant Graphics is launched now. Click here to access.
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DIY Marketing Course

DIY Digital Marketing Online Course

Full fledged and comprehensive Do It Yourselves DIY Digital Marketing guideline to build online business and sell digital product with minimum effort! And know how to build your own online Cash Machine, which literally do everything for you in automation mode once you have integrated all the features and functions. Check out the online course


Instant Graphics

Instant Graphics Private Label

Drag & Drop graphics tools meant for newbies to create decent quality videos and websites with minimum effort and affordable price. You will never know until you try! It's a 6-in-1 bundle where you will receive 4 Asset packs + 1 bonus gift + 1 lifetime membership. Check it out now!


Get Free Private Label

Free Private Label in Digital Marketing

Register to JBJT for Free to download all lead magnets, swipes, and templates. Just like a training platform where you can build up your fundamentals! We have over 20 quality lead magnets for you to build up your online business straight away, so click here to register to us!


Videos on After Effects

Videos on Marketing Insights

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