Human subconscious mind is glued to motions and animations. Anything that flutters, moves, flips, and physically animate do intrigue a huge attention to human’ eyes. That’s where we have to harness it and apply it as marketing tools.

Most of the marketers started to incorporate and integrate video as their part of the content strategies (see what is content marketing) as video is the most significant communication media to convey information and messages.

Looking at the emergence of YouTube that dominate the whole internet traffics. Most of the executives of 500 Fortune Company view video every day. YouTube is not purely for entertainment, is the site of education and business!

YouTube has surpassed Facebook as the largest social media site on July 2014

This phrase inevitably emphasize the importance of video in marketing. 3 Billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day and most of the visitors actually watched 75% content of a video which is more than enough to convey a message!

Video works pretty well in a sales page!

Video is the good tool and media to convey a message, it acts as an “appetizer” to trigger the sense of desire to indulge on the “main course”. People whom landed on a sales page and exposed to a video have an 85% tendency to buy a product.

See our Video Sales Letter on our product “Biz Marketing AWeber ” and “6 Figures Biz Marketing

Video is the best tool for introduction, exposure and brand awareness!

70% of corporate senior executives tend to visit vendor’s website after viewing a featured videos from vendors. The best feature in a video is that we can track how much content was viewed, where it was watched (geographical locations), bounce rate, view rate and etc. It ramifies other features that give you a thorough tracking system. With a well tracking system, marketers can identify a good an accurate Return Of Interest.

Visitors tend to click on a video thumbnail than anything shows on a webpage

Video appears to be more prominent for attention dragging as they contain eye-catching images that optimize your open rate or click-to-action rate. However, if you have a word “VIDEO” on your email subject headline, it was deemed to boost and optimize your open rate and click to action rate!

Visitors just like to watch video, they are just being lazy to read

Human mind’s 80% was composed of sub-consciousness where it is likely to be absorbed by animated visual. Human don’t like to spend a single minute to read something unless it is their favorite. Thus, video is the best tool to expose them on something to trigger their “appetite” to read further on the next content section. Video is best to be put up-front where it can effectively sell, pitch and convince!

Video can optimize your search engine result in Google

If you can’t write, and you wanted to boost your Search Engine Optimization of your website or webpage, record something and upload into YouTube. If you don’t believe, try to Google Search “HOW TO XXXXX”, it would be at least one or two video pages are shown on the top result.

Let’s keep it short as I have bundled all the information into an info-graphic as below:


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