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Drive Traffic generally serves as a necessity to generate sales and sustain the business in long run especially in Internet Marketing. Logically, the more the traffic, the better it is as the higher the conversion rate. Though, not all traffics are good in the sense that some traffics are irrelevant to your website.

Driving traffic to your website is not as hard as creating a website, all you need to do is to correctly and carefully structure your campaigns before you launch. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website which include solo ads, social networking ads, video ads and etc.

But before driving traffic to your website, make sure that the content of your website is good enough that it serves a reason for internet users to visit your website, then visitors will be your subscribers and eventually be your customers.

That is the “value” of content that attracts visitor to your website, entices visitors to be your subscribers and convince subscribers to be your customers. At the end of the day, it attracts even more visitors to your site when your customers start sharing your content to others through social media.

That basically forms a complete cycle of content value as illustrated below:

Content Blogging

Once the content part is done, the next part to be focused on is traffic-driving.

Social Media

As we know, social media is the most effective traffic-driving tool in internet marketing world. Those who haven’t seized the power of social media in driving traffic to your site, you are absolutely missing out one of the greatest opportunities. It connects people all around the world where you can easily reach your product worldwide with just a click of a fingertip.

Not only that, it’s cheap where you don’t have to pay much to promote your products. In fact, you don’t have to pay if you don’t use advanced built-in tools that incur charge.

On top of that, it’s user friendly where you can easily use it with less skills required. Social media includes Facebook, twitter, google+ and etc.

Let’s take Facebook as an example.

In Facebook, there are many ways you can do to drive traffic to your site as follows:

Create a page for your product and direct your followers to your website with the link enclosed in the page.

Create a Facebook page for your product and within the page, put in the link of your website. Before driving traffic to your official website, you need to first get traffic to your Facebook page. One of the easiest ways to get people to like and follow your page is sending invitation to friends. As the number of followers increases, you’re actually driving traffic to your website indirectly.

Create an advertising campaign for your product (pay per click, pay per impression)

Facebook has the function of creating ad campaign for a product where you can use to promote your product easily. The best part about Facebook ad campaign is you can reach your product to people all around the world based on your preference where you just type in the country’s name in the particular column given. However, such campaign is not free where you will be charged in terms of pay per click or pay per impression.

Solo Ads

The next traffic-driving method is through solo ads. Solo ads is basically paying someone who owns a list of subscribers which is related to your niche, to send out your swap email that promotes your own or affiliates products.

It’s simple and fast where it requires least efforts and short time to get leads. All you need to know is the skill of email marketing in order to  achieve leads as well as conversion.

There are 6 basic steps to send out a solo ad:

  1. Create a landing page for your own/affiliates product.
  2. Write a good content email with the link of the landing page enclosed.
  3. Find a list owner or solo ads seller which is related to your niche. (
  4. Set up your tracking system to track the click on the link of your landing page. You can use link shortener to shorten your link and track the click. (
  5. Specify the number of clicks you want and place your order with your written email.
  6. Wait for the date stated by the seller when your email will be sent out.

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Video Ads

Video ads is another effective way of promoting product that generates high leads and high conversion rate. Compared to text form, video is much more effective in sense of conveying a message to the audience. (click here to see Video Marketing)

It’s fast, easily understood, and more convincing! According to online video statistics 2013, 78% of people watch at least once a week and 55% watch everyday. If you’re not using video for your business, you are indeed way behind the competition.

To create a video, it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, you can easily create a video by just using your smart phone to record on what you want to present.

If you’re familiar with any video-creating software, it would be even better for you to produce a good video. Content of the video has to be good and interesting enough that it attracts multiple view of internet users. The more the view, the better it is as the higher the leads and the conversion rate.

Once you have created a video, post it in popular video directories like youtube with your website link mentioned in the video caption. Whenever people click on the link, you’re actually driving traffic to your site.

A picture can tells a thousand words, a video can invoke a thousand of emotional affections which is the key generator for traffic driving. Click here if you are passionate to invoke a thousand of emotional affections.

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