When visitors landed on your webpage or squeeze page, it is important to capture their email address and persuade them to become your subscribers. This is what we called getting leads where it could be defined as conversion (from a visitor to a subscriber), and Thank You Page is the fundamental part to get their confirmation as subscribers.

There are many ways to get a lead or conversion, people use authority and power to persuade people to subscribe, or giving out something for Free in exchange with email address. Click here to see how can you create a converting squeeze pageClick Here to Find out How We Started our Email Marketing Business and Build our Master Email List!

Thank You Page is the Key during subscription process

In process of subscription, “Thank You” page is substantially important to make sure that a particular visitor enter his or her email address into your opt-in form, and to “confirm” as a subscriber. Below picture shows a process of subscription where “Thank You” page is the main trigger point to make an impression!

We use AWeber as auto-responder software to integrate Thank You Page as the main key to boost our email list. In AWeber, different email list can have separate “Thank You” Pages with respective opt-in form but with only one “Confirmation Page”. Other auto-responder software might have different features, they would have this “Thank you Page” where the terms could be “Confirm Page”, “Subscription Page” and etc. (Blog: How to create a customized thank you page)

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