Subscription strategies always come with a purpose, we need to question ourselves that why people subscribe to us? I personally think that a customized thank you page shall fulfill the purpose, especially at the first moment when people enter their email address.

To know more about us? (Newsletter, exclusive guidance and advice and etc) – Only if we are recognized as expert and professional.

To get something from us? (Free Gifts, Offers and etc) – This could be easy and more effective where you give out something (quality) to someone, in return, you get their email addresses.

Our personal craft in getting leads or email addresses are particularly niche.

“The whole process of subscription must not involve anything about subscribing to newsletter, but a process of downloading something which they need”

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Pictures above shows how subscription process looks like where at the opt-in form, we offer free product in exchange of email address, Click here to see how we can create opt-in form.

Now here is the deal, a thank you page is the first page to be directed to when people insert their email address. Click here to understand how Thank You Page can boost opt-in rate.

In order to boost your opt-in rate, it is advisable to put Free Product download link inside the Thank You page where people can download it directly. However, we also can customize the Thank You page with easy instruction for them to confirm the subscription, then only retrieve the Free Product from the welcome email as below:



Here are some Free Customized Thank You Page Templates for your references.

Thank You Page Template 1

Thank You Page Template 2

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