SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization. Professional people would define SEO as a marketing discipline focusing on growing visibility in organic or non-paid search engine result in order to drive traffic to the webpage. Some people might comment that SEO is merely a matter of building up your webpage in the sense that the search engine understands.

“We are not the expert of SEO BUT we can give you a simple yet sublime definition and function of SEO where newbie can digest it easily! “


“Always keep in mind that as long as you have a Good Content and Blog (Good Marketing Strategy) which contain rich and valuable information where internet users are craved for, SEO will do the FREE MAGIC for you to drive/lead internet users to your site”

What does “search engine friendly” mean?

SEO simply helps you to expose your webpage to the internet surfers ONLY IF your webpage is search engine friendly. A search engine friendly webpage requires a good and explicit:

Words Content – Keywords that reflects well on your webpage, Using Google Keyword Tools to find what internet users are looking for.

Title of your WebPage – That basically explains what your website is about.

Links inside your WebPage that refer to a good page or vice versa.

Words embedded in the links that is being professional termed.

Reputation – A good name of the brand that allows you top the search engine.

Why we need SEO?

Search engine matters more when compared with Social Media or Social Network where it provides you a Targeted Traffic in the way that it drives the correct segmented people to your website directly.

Even though Social Networks can lead visitors to your website, but the visitors might not be of interest because they didn’t intend to search for it. This is the main reason why search engines are the primary method of navigation for most internet users like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Targeted traffic to a website can give your the publicity, huge exposure on ads, revenue where no other channel of marketing can compete.

“SEO’s Ultimate Purpose is to make sure People in the World Wide Web to be able to search for what they want as Easy as Possible, therefore, your website content needs to be valuable, informative and possesses the unique and technical value.”

If you are keen to know more about SEO, please refer to the links MOZ & SearchEngineLand

How search engine operates?

When a person performs a search online, the search engine only does TWO THINGS:

1. Gives out all the webpages results which are relevant to the query.

2. Rank all the results in accordance to the popularity of the webpages.

Links embedded inside a webpage are considered as votes which contributes to the popularity factor. (see more, MOZ)

“Popularity and relevance aren’t determined manually. Instead, the engines employ mathematical equations (algorithms) to sort the wheat from the chaff (relevance), and then to rank the wheat in order of quality (popularity).”

How People Reach to SEO?

When creating a webpage or building a blog, we need to keep in mind that the content of the website that we build is for internet users, not for search engines.

“When internet users type a query into a search box, and are taken to your webpage, the next concern would be: are they satisfied?”

That basically the real issue we as webpage builders and search engine need to care about. Thus just ask yourself whether your site really delivers valuable information to the internet users or otherwise.

There are 3 types of search queries people generally put:

“Do” transactional queries: It’s related to something I wanted to do, such as “listen to a music”, “travel in India” and etc.

“Know” informational queries: It’s related to information gathering, such as “what is Picollo Latte”, “what to eat in Mumbai”, and etc.

“Go” navigational queries: It’s related to a place irrespective of physical or intellectual such as “where to travel in India”, “how to get to a cafe’s webpage”, and etc.


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