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Creating High Quality Graphics Content
Is Never An Easy Job!

You've got couple of options:

  • Search For Free Online

    It is the most cost effective method but it takes some time for you to search for a good quality one. Even if you manage to find one, it’s under the copyright of the owner.

  • Design By Yourself

    It is good if you know some design skills: photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and etc. where you can have everything done by yourself. Isn’t it better if you have a ready-made media together with the raw file?

  • Hire A Freelancer

    Hiring a freelancer would be the best option if you want a high quality video that meets your specific requirement. But the thing is you need to fork out more than the price of a good quality video you could get from anywhere else.

  • Purchase From Online Marketplace

    There are lots of online marketplaces where you can find good quality graphics media or templates like Videohive, iSk Photo, 123RF and etc. Definitely it’s one of the cheapest ways to get good quality graphics at a kinda low price. But, tell you what, the bundle we offer is way cheaper than what you could get from any market place.

I Did All The Hard Work For You!

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollar or hundreds of hours to look for a graphics designer and produce a good quality video. What you need to do is just Drag & Drop the ready-made media into your window. You don't even have to know any technical skills to do it. Yes, it's simple as it sounds!

Let's have a glimpse on the product - Instant Graphics! Instant Graphics is a 6-in-1 graphics bundle consisting of 4 graphics Assets (animated icon, background footage, background image & cut-out image), 1 Lifetime Membership and 1 Mysterious Bonus Gift, which are designed to boost video traffic and audience engagement rate. High quality image and footage assets can cost an arm and leg in the market place but with Instant Graphics you can own more than 100 Assets at a very low price!


You will get 4 Asset Packs + 1 Lifetime Membership + 1 Mysterious Bonus Gift!

What You'll Get...

50 Animated Icons - GIF & AE Format

Designed for web pages as to attract visitors' attention, in other words to increase traffic. Research shows that animated icons attract more visitors compared to conventional icons as people tend to stay longer on a webpage when there's animated icons that catch their attention at their first glance.

35 Background Footages - MOV & AE Format

Single-handedly designed by JBJT Marketers. It took more than a month to produce such high quality footages and it could easily cost you more than $10 per piece. But what we offer you is way less than what you would get from anywhere else. The best part is you can also use these footages as your background images. 

50 Background Images - PNG & AE Format

Composed of high graphics contents with the mixture of nature components that makes the art-piece looks more fancy and interesting. It's definitely worth more for the price offered. 

50 Cut-out Images - PNG & PSD Format

High definition images with fined cutting edge that allows superimposition of multiple images to be done easily and fast without the need of pen tools or magic wand tools. 

Lifetime Membership

  • Free Graphics Tools Every Two Weeks
    Once you’re a member, just sit back and relax. You will be receiving email on free graphics tools every two weeks for your personal use or as collection.
  • Free Access To Video Templates
    For member, you will be given lifetime full access to free After Effects Templates & Power Point Templates.
  • Free Consultation
    Free consultation will be given to member for any kind of problems they might have faced pertaining to graphics.
  • Free Recommendation
    From time to time, members will be given recommendation on products to be purchased for personal use.

Purchase Bonus Gift (50 Modern Lower Thirds)!

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Our product may not be the best but we are confident that our product would give you the best. 

Customer satisfaction is always our main priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with the content, we’ll instantly refund your money within 30 Days of purchase. 

Simply contact us, and we'll process your request lightning-fast.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

ANY restrictions on the product?

Yes. There are certain restrictions according to the license/rights as stated below:

For Personal License, it  allows you to use the product for ONLY personal projects, but not for client’s projects. It can be any projects: video projects, web projects, banners and etc. as long as it’s used within the rights of a single user. On top of that, you are NOT allowed to sell or give out the product at whatever means.

For Developer License, it allows you to use the product for BOTH personal and client’s projects. In other words, the product is not bound by the rights of a single user. You are allowed to use the product for commercial purpose as for your client. Though, you are NOT allowed to sell or give out the product.

For Private Label Rights, it allows you to sell or give out the product for your own benefits but with ONE condition that the resale price shall NOT be more than the original price offered.

We believe that these terms are more than fair enough and shouldn't be affecting you much.

What software do you use to create the product?

Adobe After Effects (AE). For your information, we do provide the raw After Effects file for all assets in the product. You may do some study on how we create the assets using After Effects. If you're not familiar with the software, you may consult us anytime for free provided you are a member of Instant Graphics (you will be a member once you've purchased the product).

Do you provide online tutorial on After Effects?

Yes, we do provide tutorial in youtube! Check out our youtube channel! Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Looking for collaboration or partnership?

Yes. We're looking for collaboration or partnership on product creation. If you're a graphics designer or digital marketer, we are more than happy to work together with you. Please leave us a message at

Joshua on Behalf of JBJT

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