Create sales page is another craft, unlike direct selling, you have understand on how to sell online product to potential buyer behind a laptop or computer. You have to know necessary and “killing” phrases to engage visitors or amazing animations, prompting them to “act”, this is what we usually call “building an interactive and converting sales letter page or sales copy page”.

There are several paid tools available, such as Optimize Press, this is a superbly user friendly and newbie can easily build amazing online sales page with this tool. Currently I’m using this wonderful tool to build sales page with little effort and minimal time, and the best thing about this tool is that, you only have to pay once and can use it for lifetime.

However, if you are being reserved on spending any monies on any tools, there is another open source software, Kompozer. You might need some HTML and CSS skills to use it, but it is totally learn-able. Anyhow, I've published a Free online course on how to build HTML sales page with zero cost method. Click here to join now if you are interested!

Know How to Structure your Sales Page's Parts and Composition

Irrespective what tool or software you use to compose sales page, you would still need to know how to write, phrase, compose and structure. Thus, there are several fundamental parts that you need to have in a typical online sales page, to ensure visitors understand and grasp on what you are trying to pitch and sell. Getting the flow smooth is the key to get sales!

Part 1: Create First Impression with Main Headline

The first and topmost part, product subject headline, is the first ever impression to be made to any visitors, they should know what the product is about and what are the main features. Normally, video is highly recommended in a sales page as video presentation is more effective on conveying message and drive sales. In spite of that, it is not necessary to have a full blast animated video, a normal screen cast video showing product content would have suffice. Once you have get visitors attention, they would slowly scroll down to see more.

Example of sales page product main headline

Part 2: Emphasize on the Recent Problem and Solution

This part is basically explaining the current issue, problem and frustration most people faced. Thus, you can start emphasizing a need of solution, and this is where you can start introduce your product as the ultimate solution to those problems which you have mentioned.

Some example phrases to emphasize on the problems and issues are:

Sample Phrases on Current Issues and Problems:

"Are you having trouble creating your own product and sell? Are you feeling frustrated of spending too much money on online business, yet getting very little profit?

"Complicated video editing software getting your crazy? Tired of spending your time to adapt to video software?"


Part 3: Reveal your Product's Benefits, What and Why?

In this part, you can start illustrating and explaining in details, tell visitors what are the specific benefits and why they should buy the product from you? I've listed some phrase examples to explain why your product is unique and different from others:

Sample Phrases on Product's Unique Feature and Benefits:

"Grab this Private Label to resell as you will be given all selling tools and tutorials to start right away. No extra money needed"

"With just only PowerPoint software, you can render our 'Build n Go' presentation template into amazing videos without any plugins or software"


Part 4: Offer Bonuses as Value-Added Package to your Product

If you offer something that seems to be more valuable than the product itself, for instance, bonuses, coupons, discounts, free consultation, one-on-one teaching, tutorials and etc., people always favor that. When you over-deliver, this will be a trigger point to persuade people to buy, especially when you're asking people to take action now or they'll miss it. It is recommended to input some time factor into phrases on this part, to learn more, click here.


Part 5: Summarize your Offer

Whatever you're offering, limited time bonuses, discounts validity and etc. It is advisable to summarize all your offers into a simple list.


Part 6: Compose a Question and Answer session

This last but no the least part, extremely important yet mostly disregard! Visitors always have questions and most of the time they don’t even bother to ask. I've seen seller just put in their email address for further inquires, I would guaranteed that 9 out of 10 will not take initiatives to email for questions. Thus, you have to put all the basic questions, and answer them accordingly. Typical questions that you can put are:

Sample Questions on Prior Purchase:

"How am I going to get the product after purchase"

"How can I get started after purchase"

"Can I get refund if I'm not satisfied, and what are the conditions?"

"Is there any trial period for this software"

The more questions you put, visitors would tend to read most of them. This is mainly because potential buyers wanted to feel more secured prior purchasing products, and it is advisable to have a help desk platform for inquiries or even ask them to email you if there is any further questions.

The Flow of People Looking at Sales Page is the Key to Get Sales

The flow from part 1 to part 6 as explained as above, actually is pretty similar to direct selling or face to face selling:

Firstly, you introduce a problem and proceed with a solution.

Then a product comes to the picture and you pitch about how good the product is.

After that, you offer an exclusive bonus to trigger a purchase, the phrase could be like this

“If you buy this product now, I will give you this amazing guidebook and cash vouchers”

Lastly, you would conclude the offer and asked if there is any question from your potential customer.

Human gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions and sense of intimacy are the trump cards for every sales person. However, it would be different as compared to online selling, so, I would recommend to put a “Talking Head” screen cast video, promote a better engagement with potential buyers and establish credibility as digital product vendor. People want to know and see your face, they want to know who they are buying from.

Of course, animations, effects and GIFs would be an extra booster (click here to know more about GIF animations). But always try to sell in your unique personal way, record yourself in a video, speak and pitching from the bottom of your heart.

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