Most of the email marketers have disregard welcome email where it is the key to make first good impression after people have subscribed to you. That is the first impression to be made and so, please make it count!

One single point in creating a better bond with subscribers or leads is to have an honest, truthful, and full of heart’s welcome email. It just like making new friends, you need to break the ice to secure the feeling of trust and building a rapport between each other.


There are Several ways on Composing and Writing Welcome Emails!

Clear and Crystal Clarification

When comes to composing welcome email, you need to clarify your identity and your ultimate intention. Always keep it concise and simple and make sure that you serve the purposes or reason why people subscribe to you.

Give a Personal Touch

Action to show your gratitude like, coupon deals, free downloads or gifts, exclusive discounts, or something to give away. Whenever people subscribe to someone, they would expect to take something in exchange with their personal email address.

Beside from touching their heart, make sure you have any means necessary to keep in touch with them! Leave your personal email address at the bottom to make sure subscribers can contact you anytime.

Offer Subscribers Free Gifts in Welcome Emails!


HTML Welcome Email Template Works!

When comparing HTML email and plain text messages, always make sure don’t over exaggerate your HTML email template into Brochure or Pamphlet. Make it interesting with pictures and infographics but at the same time, make it personal with your words!

However, it is advisable to put a HTML Welcome Email, as it is able to give a good impression on new subscribers. While providing future follow ups, you can have a more personal text messages.

Here are some examples of Welcome Emails as below:


Welcome Email 1



These emails don’t really put a lot of words or texts. Most of the email templates offer a lot of animated visuals or DIY photo to attract subscribers.

If you have a pretty good content to pitch or sell, why don’t just put both of them together to protrude a sense of perfection in selling and pitching! There any so many photo editing tools like Photoshop AE, and even you can use Microsoft Tools to DIY you photos.

Let’s Round it Up on how are you going to portray yourselves in the Welcome Email.

There are Several Core Ideas you need to present in Conclusion.

  1. Your Story

Communicating the brand and briefly tell how you were founded. How are you differ from others?

  1. Showcasing your Products

A brief note about your products and informing your subscribers what they will get and how often.

  1. Special or Exclusive Deals

Provide an incentive which you have promised to those subscribers when they sign up or subscribe to you.

  1. Further Contact Information

Integrate a social network share button or any information for the subscribers to get in touch with you.

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