One of the biggest problem in digital marketing is to get traffic to webpage such as sales page, squeeze page or landing page. But if you have an affiliate team to bring traffic to you, this problem would have been sorted out. But there is another problem, how are you going to find and recruit these affiliates? What makes them drive traffic for you?

Thus, I would like share to you guys on how to tackle these issues…

Affiliate request to promote JV Zoo product

1. Become a product vendor (niche market)

Whenever we talk about selling product, most newbies would have stunned and drawn back. Honestly, it is undoubtedly the best way to embark on internet marketing, get yourselves some investment on product creation, rather than buying tons of solo ads to build up email list.

You must be wondering how am I going to persuade and convince affiliate to drive traffic?

It is pretty simple, create a product, compose a niche product or buy private label product from store or supplier. However, it is quite impossible to be a professional in one month, not even in one year. But, you can be very good and knowledgeable in a niche where big players can’t intervene.

Besides, me as an digital marketer, I have emerged myself as an expert on niche topic in just few months, some of them are “No Red Face Formula“, “Electronic Cigarettes“, “Power Point Video Composing” and etc. Focus on a niche product, it is not that hard to come out with a very good quality product where affiliates are interested to promote for you! That’s a guarantee!

If you are too lazy to produce product, you can opt for Private License Rights Product to skip the hard work, but you still have to tweak, twist and modify those products to a better deal or package. Moreover, once you’ve finished with the product package, always keep going and have other product for up-sell or one-time-offer (OTO) purposes. Keeping your sales funnel deep (with up-sell and down-sell) for full flexibility

2. Invest your time, effort and money on seller & affiliate platform

Some of the famous affiliate and seller platforms such as Clickbank, JV Zoo, Warriors Forum, Muncheyes, and Udemy are the ones where affiliates looking for commission. These are the platforms which you can register yourselves as seller and launch digital product!

JV Zoo Platform & MunchEye

You can edit the commission rate as according to the performance of your affiliates

Personally I have been focusing on JV Zoo platform as it is Free to register digital product. The payments are quick where JV Zoo will pay instantly through Paypal whenever there is a sale, besides, I get to choose and approve any affiliates with full authority.

When you are selling a product on JV Zoo and there is an affiliate who has gave you a lots of sales and traffics, you can individually increase his or her commission or set the commission payment method to “instant”, or to have a JV agreement contract, to optimize mutual benefits! Its so much fun!

Standard launch of product which can be found in MunchEye

Moreover, MunchEye would be your another stragety to get your product launch details exposed to the affiliate world as seen on the picture above. It is the platform which most affiliates would go and keep up with the updates on what are the incoming or pre-launched products

Check out my product launch on MunchEye

3. Give out High Commissions and JV Zoo Contest Cash Prize

When you are going to sell your products, please make sure you have at least two products for front end and up sell. Front End product is the first ever product will be offered, most of the front end products should give out 80-100% commissions. This is a must as to attract affiliates to promote for you.

I might have given out most of the sales for commissions, but they are my client list which I can monetize them in the future

How am I going to profit from that? Basically I won’t. But hey, if I have 100 sales, and gave out big chunks of the revenues to my affiliates, I still have my client list or subscribers where these people recognize me as a seller! In fact, it is a more efficient and cost effective way if compared to buying solo ads to gain business leads or subscribers.

It’s not fair to those affiliates whom drive insanely huge amount of traffics to me and I’m the one who gain the master email list and big money. But they have earned a lot through commissions, it is a one time earning where the return of investment is promising indeed, perhaps on the short term running. However, I would deemed it as win-win situation after all.

Let me give you an example:

What if I offer my affiliates JV Zoo Cash Prize Contest, whoever gets 140 front end sales, they get the chance to win another $130 cash prize. They would be more motivated to promote for you! Try to offer more lucrative prizes to them!

Example of front end product and up-sell product where the affiliate can get more than $1,000 commission plus cash prize

I might not able to profit anything from the front-end sales, but I can grab 50% profit on the up-sell. Plus, I can get my buyer’s email address as my lead where I can further educate and offer future products!

4. Take Action and Become Digital Vendor

So how do you think? Eager to embark your journey to become digital product vendor? I’m sure that you will able to learn a lot in digital marketing and grab some money simultaneously. JBJT provides training and DIY (Do it Yourselves) business module Private Label package where you just need to do minor tweak and twisting to become the ultimate vendor and able to gather an affiliate army!

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Hope you have learnt something, if I have missed anything or you have any question to ask.

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