Email marketing is a form of marketing that uses emails to connect people for commercial purposes. It’s actually one of the most common tools used by many marketers today to generate sales. Reason being, email is fast, user-friendly and most importantly it’s free.

Fast – You don’t have to wait for a week or even a day to reach your subscribers across the world. It only takes minutes or even seconds to reach to the targeted people unless for invalid email address.

User-friendly – You don’t need to be an HTML wizard or possesses sophisticated programming skills to create or send an email. You can easily pick up the necessary skills on how to use email, not weeks, not days, but certainly within hours.

Free – As much as most people are concerned about the cost, email is one of the cheapest marketing tools that it requires zero cost. In other words, it’s free. People can just create as many emails as they want.

How to Turn Email Marketing into Lead Conversion Machine?


Step 1 – Create a Clear Call-To-Action

The very first thing to do about creating an effective email marketing is to collect email addresses or in other words, generate leads.  The most common way is through opt-in form that pops out or stays within the page of a website.

The role of opt-in form is important in the sense that you need it, by hook or by crook, in order to collect the details of subscribers.

“No matter how good your website content is, without an opt-in form, you will not capture anything from your visitors”

In internet marketing world, leads are the asset of a business. You need leads, potential customers to sustain the business. Without any leads, there will not be any customers, and there goes the end of the business.

“Having an opt-in form is not an option but a necessity”

Once you have an opt-in form, then that is the content that matters. You need to ensure that the call-to-action in the opt-in form is clear and straightforward such that the visitors know what to do when they want to subscribe. Though, the content can be luring in such a way that words that arouse people’s curiosity are being used as to increase the tendency of visitors to subscribe. A good example is shown as follows:

patric opt-in

It’s clear and straightforward where you just need to key in your email address in the space given and just click on the blue button. Words like Tricks and Free that arouse people’s curiosity increase the chances of visitors to subscribe.

Step 2 – Send Out Follow-up Messages

Once you’ve got your leads, the next step is to send them your follow-up messages. Follow up messages are those messages that go out in a sequential order to people automatically upon subscription. Whenever you create a new follow up message, you need to specify the number of days that the system should wait before sending it out.

So for instance, if your second follow-up message has an interval of 4, subscribers will get that message 4 days after the first follow-up.

“Bear in mind that your follow-up messages shall not solely about promoting products, but to educate your subscribers as well. It’s simple because subscribers tend to unsubscribe if it’s just product promotion.”

Let’s put yourself into the shoes of subscribers, would you prefer email that prompts you to buy a product or email that provides you useful information that you are keen on? Obviously, most if not all would prefer the latter.

There you go, you need to structure your follow-up messages in a proper order such that you first educate your subscriber and subsequently promote your own/affiliate products, not in an aggressive manner, but in a more friendly manner. A simple example is shown as below:


follow-up msg

The first email is a welcome email where subscribers receive upon subscription.

The second email is a follow-up email that educates subscribers about affiliate marketing.

The third email is a follow-up email that promotes affiliate product.

Step 3 – Send Out Broadcasts

Broadcasts is different from follow-up messages. Broadcasts go out at specific dates and times, chosen by you when creating the message. Instead of setting a time interval, you can simply choose the delivery time of the broadcast, and it will go out to your list accordingly to the time set.

It’s meant for occasional announcement like newly launched products, good recommended products, new product package, good offer and etc. All these announcements are usually being sent out for once at particular time. An example is shown as follows:


“If you wanted to promote an affiliate product, do not describe anything related to the product like the cost, offers, discounts and etc, your ultimate purpose is to prompt email readers to click on the affiliate link which will drive them to the sales letter page or affiliate product page, let the sales letter page do the selling and pitching.

Summarizing Email Marketing Strategy as below:

Follow up Message #1:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Giving out complimentary free products or gifts
  3. Make them stick to their inbox. Make them anticipated with the future follow ups.

Follow up Message #2:

  1. Keeping subscribers updated as promised from the last follow up
  2. Update them and educate them

Follow up Message #2 – #xx

  1. Keeping subscribers updated as promised from the last follow up
  2. Furnish them with Free products, new stuffs, templates and etc.

In the midst of all these follow ups, create a Broadcast Email on an affiliate product:

  1. Must not say anything about the offer, discount, prices and the specialties.
  2. Make sure your email readers click without knowing the product details but knowing the nature of the product.
  3. Offer them a value added bonus if they buy from you.
  4. Let the sales letter page do the selling, you just need to drive the traffic to that page only.



It’s not all about what you write, it’s about how you write. You need to know the correct techniques to write a good email that not only satisfies your subscribes’ needs, but also keep them abreast of the information. Click HERE to learn the effective skills of email marketing.

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