Private license rights or private labels (PLR) is a license sold by a developer or author, including intellectual property rights. In digital marketing, most private labels are offered with resell rights where buyer can claim full ownership and resell with 100% profit.

That is how you Build Online Business with Private Label









Generally private labels can be modified, sell, re-sell, and altered for commercial purposes

The commercial usage of private labels is mostly depending on the terms and conditions stated by the developer. Whenever you’re buying a private label, always look up for the terms and conditions, be assured on your privileges as resell rights holder. In a nutshell, these private labels are mostly intangibles or digital format such as electronic-books, electronic templates, blueprint, video tutorials and etc.

Investing in private labels is the fastest way to reach an expertise or profession in a particular field. It is not about buy and resell it for profit, but to gather information from these quality labels, and bundle into an unique product with minimal modifications (that’s what makes you different from other people).

One of the disadvantages of private labels is the quality of the product. This is because there will be similarity in the market as many people might have the same product. Moreover, developer or author might enforce you to re-sell at a minimum price or at a maximum amount to prevent market to collapse (supply more than demand).

For example, if you’ve bought a private label for $10, you might have to re-sell at least $10 or $15. You probably not the only one who has the resell right, therefore, you can’t offer at very low price.

Best way to Monetize Private Labels

Best way to monetize are to bundle, re-modify, re-write, paraphrase, and re-create into brand new product where there will be hardly any similarities. While that is just product creation part, you can also use private labels’ contents on for website content writing, compose lead magnets, blogging, article writing, memberships giveaways and etc. There are several effective methods to monetize private labels.

  • Resell the product at a specified price
  • Use the product as your paid membership monthly giveaways
  • Use the product as bonus offer package to affiliate product
  • Publish the product's writing contents as your website blog or post
  • Use the product as lead magnet to build your email list


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