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Check out the Contents and Selling Materials below

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Are you getting frustrated with your online business? Getting too little result? Can't build and expand your email leads?

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What if there is an easy solution which just need "little bit" of effort, that could change your business?

Get yourself a Private Label Rights product where you can get yourself in a "Fast Track" in becoming a Product Vendor!

Private license rights or private label right (PLR) is a license sold by a developer, creator or author, including intellectual property rights.

While in digital marketing, most PLRs are offered with resell rights where the buyers can claim full ownership and resell with 100% profit.

One disadvantage is that there will be similarities or repetitions in the supply market. Hence, that is where the "little effort" comes in!

Minor modifications on these PLRs to suit your style, save you a lots of time and problems on starting from scratch!


We've created a Done For You Framework on this Private Label

Our team did the hard, tedious and long works for you, thus you can leave yourself fully focused on building your own brand and business reputation.

You wouldn't want to waste your time doing market research, negotiating with freelancers, hiring graphic and website designers and etc.

We make sure of one thing, that is you get the best selling tools and framework where you just need to "Plug and Play" to start earning thousands of dollars from private label rights!

That's how you "Plug in and Play" on the Private Labels

Step 1 :

Buy and Download

Step 2 :

Do Minor Modifications

Step 3 :

Upload and Send Traffic

Step 4 :

Wait for Sales!

So here is the Deal....

"Digital Marketing Operational Handbook"

How to proliferate from business operations with minimal

financial deficit and stable monthly profitable income!

A full blown private label right module: Digital Marketing Operational Plan. Comes with ultimate selling tools and materials and showcase tools, where you just need to put in your name and start selling right away!

We provide Top-Notch Selling Materials, you have the full Flexibility to edit them!

One disadvantage in Private Labels is that you can see similar book showcase or advertisement banners and promotional sales letter in the internet. So we've prepared different version rendered mock-ups (AI/PSD & PNG) for you!

Plus, you have the full flexibility to edit the video sales letter with just Power Point only. Just minor tweaking and editing needed to produce your own style of video sales letter! (you can take the rendered promotional video if you're being lazy)

Main Book - Quality and Inspiring Writings and Phrases

Written case studies to inspire readers, it is not a guideline book. Cover "High demand" topics on marketing.

Different Versions of Professional Graphic Designs

Provide different versions of Design Covers to fit different users' needs, comes with rendered PNG and raw file AI as well

20 Mini PLR Magnets and 10 Articles included

You're not just selling an E-book, you have 20 Private Label Magnets and 10 Advanced Marketing Articles as boosters to compose your module!

Done for you Selling Tools and Materials

All selling tools you needed are literally done for you! Video Sales Letter, Sales Letter Page, Download Page, Covers/Banners, Swipes, and more...

You own this Amazing Module worth $3,185

  Saves you a lot on hiring Freelancers and Designers!

Product creation is always a hassle and you have to spend a fortune to build it! So we've calculated all the expenses that bring you this amazing PLR module.

Total of $3,185 of Expenses on this Module!

Module #1 - Digital Marketing E-Book (7,000 Words) - $600

Module #2 - 20 Private Label Lead Magnets (over 100 written pages) - $1,250

Module #3 - 11 Digital Marketing Articles (7,000 Words) - $350

Module #4 : Professional Graphics and Showcase Tools - $150

Module #5 : Sales Page, Download Page & Agreement Page - $400

Module #6 : Promotional Video Sales Letter - $400

Module #7 : Promotional Swipes and Scripts - $35

Total Expenses Sums up to $3,185

Access NowModule Worth $3,158

Save you a lots of Monies and Earn 100% Profit

Buy this module already earned you thousand dollars of value, plus you can resell for 100% profit

Setup within Minutes and Full Flexibility

You have the the full flexibility and freedom to edit the modules into a brand new product. If you're too lazy, you can just put in your name and sell it right away!

Let's Take a Look at These Modules!

Module #1 : Digital Marketing E-Book

E-book : "Digital Marketing Operational Plan". This hand book is to teach conventional entrepreneurs on how to startup business lean and steady with minimum financial deficit and to scale up business module.

And it also narrates phenomenon in marketing world which relates to info-marketing, advanced advertising, niche marketing and etc. It is to instill business mindset that will lead entrepreneurs to an automated business operation and working freedom.

More Details Below:

  • Over 7,000 Words. Contents comprised Story Writings, Real Case Scenarios and Marketing Analysis
  • DOC File for editing purposes, you can modify them as much as you wish
  • Info-graphic provided (Illustrator Format)
  • Not just words, there are Charts, Mind Maps, Highlights, Flow Charts and etc

Take a Brief Look on the Contents:

  • Main Doc Words Format

  • Info-graphic PNG Format

  • Info-graphic Illustrator Format

Module #2 : 20 Private Label Rights Magnets

You are not going to sell the E-book only, you can use these 20 quality Private Label Rights (PLR) Magnets to boost your product. Moreover, you can use them as lead magnets to build email list. In conclusion, they are yours and you can literally monetize them in any ways!

We've provided some design covers (3D Mockups) for this whole 20 PLRs , you can use these amazing design covers as showcase to sell the 20 PLRs in bundle! Moreover, for every PLR, there are selling and showcase tools provided as well!

More Details Below:

  • The whole package has over 50 written pages with quality contents in digital marketing
  • DOC File for editing purposes, you can modify them as much as you wish
  • Squeeze Page and Thank you Page provided for every PLR
  • Design Covers (Mockups) provided for the whole package and for every PLR pack as well
  • Can sell the whole 20 PLRs in a bundle at any price!
  • Doc Words Format

  • Design Covers PNG Format

  • Design Covers PSD/AI Format

  • HTML Squeeze Page and Thank You Page

  • Email Swipes

Module #3 : 11 Digital Marketing Articles

11 digital marketing articles cover the "high demand" topics in digital marketing, you can share these amazing contents and emerge yourself as an expert and professional!

Copy and paste the article's contents and re-modify into lead magnets as to build up your email list! You can even make them into blogs, posts, viral contents, and even email follow ups to educate your subscribers


More Details Below:

  • 11 quality articles that give you over 6000 words
  • Covers topic on "advanced marketing", "brand and market building", "making killer online sales"
  • Words document format
  • Doc Words Format

Module #4 : Professional Graphics and Showcase Tools

All graphic designs, render mock-ups, and raw files (AI/PSD) are all for you, the best part is that we've provided three different versions of design covers for the main product : Digital Marketing Operational Handbook.

Full access to all raw files to modify into your own design within minutes. Plus with 3 different covers, you can avoid similarity in product showcase.

  • Banners PNG sizes : 620×125, 1200×240, 550×340, 1050×650, 1700×1050, 2200×1350
  • Book and Monitor Mockups PNG sizes : 370×550, 700×950, 300×323, 700×750, 800×700, 1200×1059,
  • Contents Covers PNG sizes : 850x574, 750x619, 850x700

Take a Great Look on the Designs

Module #1 Cover 1 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

Module #1 Cover 2 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

Module #1 Cover 3 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

Module #1 Content Covers : Provided mock-ups to showcase the content!

Module #2 : Private Labels Rights Module design Covers and Mock-ups provided with different sizes

Module #3 : Marketing Articles design Covers and Mock-ups provided with two sizes

  • 2D Design Covers AI/PSD Format

  • 3D Mockups - Books and Monitor Screens

  • Banners PNGs

Module #5 : Done for you Sales Page, Download Page & Agreement Page

We' provide you powerful promotional selling tools : Sales Letter Page and Download Page for you. Just put in your name, buy button and video sales letter (provided) to create your own fortune! Don't waste your time to figure out on how to sell, we did the selling and pitching for you!

  • Skip the hard work to write sales page for yourself
  • Add your name and buy button, Integrate YouTube Video Sales Letter, and you're done!
  • Sale page has animations and effects (GIFs) to convert visitors to buyers!
  • Agreement Policy Page also being provided!

Sales materials are highly converting, include all background and icon GIFs to impress visitors. Plus, download page is provided where you just have to put in the download link for buyers to download! Take a look at these materials below:

  • HTML format

  • PNGs and GIFs Included in these pages

Module #6 : Promotional Video Sales Letter

2 minutes plus ready-made rendered video sales letter for you to upload directly with your sales page, and start making money right away! Moreover, you are given full customization flexibility to edit and modify the video with just Power Point only!

  • Download the rendered video, upload into host, put it into the sales page and you're done!
  • Edit the video (words and animations) as you please with just Power Point Only!
  • Power Point video raw templates are provided
  • Rendered videos are provided

The video is basically half kinetic typography and half motion. Check out the short preview below:

  • Power Point Video Templates

  • Rendered Videos

  • YouTube Embedded Codes (Advanced)

Module #7 : Promotional Swipes and Checklists

We've prepared promotional email swipes that you can email your subscribers immediately. Email swipes not merely for the main product in Module #1, swipes are also being prepared for every PLR Pack in Module #2.

Selling script is prepared for you where you can understand on how to pitch and sell, you can use them as voice narration in the video sales letter in Module #6.

Moreover, you will be enrolled into JBJT Membership where we've provided a checklist for you to start right away!

  • Selling Scripts

  • Email Swipes

  • Membership Registration

Private Label Rights Certification

Full resell rights license granted as you own full ownership and resell for 100% profit with zero effort!

How you can Monetize this PLR Product

  • Use as value added package to your current product to amplify sales's profit!
  • Use the E-book's contents to compose quality blogs, posts, follow ups, quotes and etc. Engage visitors and subscribers with the amazing quality insights.
  • Resell it as a your product at least 6.00 USD
  • Split them into several chunks and compose them as a small blueprint, as powerful lead magnet. This would help you build a master email list!
  • Create a monthly paid membership and use the PLRs as giveaways. Split them into several parts, would be enough for at least few months!
  • Re-brand, re-modify, edit, customize, and improvise as you wish. And claim full ownership to the PLR
  • Offer the PLR as bonus to visitors who will buy from your affiliate link
  • Getting this PLR has already given you the value worth thousands of dollars, however, never give this for Free (except for paid membership)

We would like to offer you

"Value Added Bonus" if you Buy Now!

Instant Startup - Private Label Rights

I know you must be confused with all the product modules and the selling tools, so I have prepared personal startup video tutorials for you! These will guide you on how to startup Private Label business, and utilize all the tools to get your product published and earn 100% profit!

This is not just a Guideline Tutorial, it is an in-depth training tutorial where you get to learn the amazing and niche skill in online selling and Private Label Business

  • Tutorial 1: Know how to render video sales letter with Power Point and upload into the internet (YouTube)
  • Tutorial 2: Furnish html sales page and agreement page with name and email address. And Integrate Youtube Video into the HTML Page
  • Tutorial 3: Upload your html sales page into the host and publish it
  • Tutorial 4: Register product in seller platform, integrate buy button and get ready to sell!
  • Tutorial 5: Furnish download page with download links and opt-in forms
  • Tutorial 6: Secure download page with PHP scripts and other methods
  • Tutorial 7: How to use email swipe to buy solo ads and drive traffic to your sales page or squeeze page


Extra Bonus #1 : 60 Animated Background GIFs

30 animated background GIFs where you can furnish webpages such as sales page, squeeze page or landing page, download page, bonus offer page or any other web development! Background GIFs able to create stunning and astonishing "interactive" webpages that will engage visitors better as to create conversions or sales!

  • All are in GIF format
  • Two sizes available such as 750x422 and 1250x700
  • Perfect choice to put inside landing page, squeeze page and sales page!



Background GIF #1

Background GIF #2

Background GIF #3

Background GIF #4

Extra Bonus #2 : 20 Animated Arrow GIFs

10 animated arrow GIFs where these prompt a better call-to-action. With animations, visitors are more sub-consciously aware of the offer or deal!

  • All are in GIF format
  • Two sizes available such as 110x153 and 150x230
  • Perfect choice to put inside landing page, squeeze page and sales page!



Arrow #1

Arrow #2

Arrow #3

Arrow #4

Check on How much could you save?!

After looking at all these modules and bonuses, it is clear cut that you could save over $1,000 as we've done the most tedious work for you:

  1. Create a main blueprint
  2. Produce Private Label Rights as lead magnets
  3. Provide full fledged selling framework
  4. Provide professional graphic designs with full customization
  5. Value added bonuses for you to take away with a "Big" smile!

And, you earn 100% resell rights privilege to startup or boost your business with just a little bit of money. Well, this module could cost you $37 where the bonuses alone could cost your more than that!

However, we've taken consideration for the sake of private labels, that there will be similarity in the market. Thus, we've complement this with 3 different design covers with raw files given so you can modify yourself! You don't have to worry that your product's showcase would look similar with other product.

Moreover, we want to make sure that you are really satisfied with the PLR, so we would like to offer you at a discounted price of just $6.50.

So grab the entire package now with the value added bonuses, I will take them down soon!

Grab Entire PackageLimited Time Offer on the Bonuses

If you are not satisfied with the product, simple ask for a refund within 30 days from the date of the purchase. After refund, you might not posses resell rights of the product anymore, but you can keep the materials for your own reading.

No question asked, no red tapes, you request for refund, you get it! But a simple feedback would be pretty much appreciated!

I wan Instant Access Now!

Digital Marketing Handbook PLR

These are the modules which I'll get:

  • Module #1 : Digital Marketing E-Book
  • Module #2 : 20 Private Label Rights Magnets
  • Module #3 : 11 Digital Marketing Articles
  • Module #4 : Professional Graphics and Showcase Tools
  • Module #5 : Done for you Sales Page, Download Page & Agreement Page
  • Module #6 : Promotional Video Sales Letter
  • Module #7 : Promotional Swipes and Checklists
  • Private Label Rights Certification

You get these "Limited Time Offer" Value Added Bonuses!

  • Ultimate Bonus : PLR Instant Startup (7 Video Training Tutorials)
  • Extra Bonus #1 : 60 Animated Background GIFs
  • Extra Bonus #2 : 20 Animated Arrow GIFs

Digital Marketing Handbook (Private Labels)

So grab the entire package now as you are entitled with 30 days money back guarantee. Go have a try on this $3,185 PLR module!

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P.S. Claim Full Resell Rights on this Amazing Product where everything is done for you! You just need to take action and start Proliferate from Private Label Rights Products!

Take this PLR Starter before you leave!

Discover the 4 starter steps in make passive income with PLR

  • q-iconHow to get started once I've bought your product?

    No problem at all. Every buyers will be enrolled into a membership portal where download access is provided and startup checklist will be given to start right away.

    Moreover, you will get a PLR Instant Startup Video Tutorials (MP4) where you will be guided for every step to startup this Private Label and start earning money! You’ll learn how to publish your own product with PLR and release it for sale! You get 100% profit!

    Plus, you’ll be secured to JBJT membership where we will furnish you materials from time to time. However, once you have got into the module, it will be too simple to start and sell right away!

  • q-iconI'm not satisfied with the product, how?

    I would be scratching my head wondering why you would not love it, even a bit?!

    However, you are entitled for a 30 days money back guaranteed.

    Just go to > product helpdesk > product refund. Send us a ticket as we will process it as soon as possible!

    You can keep all the materials for reading purposes after refund, but you’ll lose the resell rights of the product.

  • q-iconWhat can I do on this product?

    Pretty simple, you can resell the original copy at least $6.00

    However, you can not give the main E-book for free.

    Click here for other methods to use this product for profit making

Secure the ProductOrder with 30 days money back guarantee