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One thing you have to know is, that it was just the tip of the iceberg. This is the real deal "50 Pages Do It Yourself Marketing Handbook" that you can get full resell rights and generate a lots of monies!

We have put it together as a full fledged business module to "build it yourselves" towards a Digital Marketing Cash Machine.

This is a DIY Package

This package will unleash you the most advanced way and framework which will keep your sales profit streaming in.

Keep it short and simple. We've done all the selling tools for you.

Best of all, we will be giving you a powerful lead magnet to generate
your own leads, giving you an auto-responder series to turn your leads into buyers, and finally you can promote product "DIY" Handbook to generate solid sales!

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What's inside the DIY Package?

DIY #1 : 50 Quality Written Pages Main Blueprint

This 50 written pages "Do it Yourself" handbook, will reveal all the strategies and guidelines to replicate and redesign a DFY Business Module.From Email Marketing to Niche Marketing, From Private Label to Authority Domination.

It will unleash all the secrets in the internet to get all tools and resources for Free and you get to earn thousands of dollars on monthly basis. To begin your journey in digital marketing, is to become a digital product vendor! Create your own cash machine!

  • Over 11,000 Words. Contents comprised Terminologies and 8 Amazing Marketing Chapters
  • DOC File for editing purposes, you can modify them as much as you wish
  • Contents presented with illustrated infographic and animated flow charts

Take a Brief Look at the Contents:

  • Document Words

  • Exported PDF

You Own it with Full Resell Rights

  • Break it into 8 Amazing Digital Marketing Chapters as your Powerful Contents
  • Resell the Original Blueprint at any Price as you wish
  • Offer them as Powerful Lead Magnets
  • Offer this blueprint as your Up-Sell Offer or One-Time-Offer for your product

DIY #2 : Done for you Sales Page, Download Page & Agreement Page

If you want to up-sell this product, we provide you sales page, download page and agreement page! Just put in your name, buy button and video sales letter (provided as well) to create up-sell profits! Don't waste your time to figure out how to sell, we did the selling and pitching for you!

  • Skip the hard work to write sales page for yourself
  • Add your name and buy button, Integrate YouTube Video Sales Letter, and you're done!
  • Sale page has animations and effects (GIFs) to convert visitors to buyers!
  • Agreement Policy Page also being provided!

Sales materials are highly converting, include all background and icon GIFs  Plus, download page is provided where you just have to put in download links only! Take a look at the sample sales page below:

  • HTML format

  • PNGs and GIFs Included in these pages

DIY #3 : 3 Different Professional Graphic Designs

3 different versions of design covers on the main blueprint, DIY Guideline book. To avoid similarity in product showcase. We provide you amazing showcase tools which are 2D Designs, Banners, 3D Book Mock-up Render, Monitor Render, and Smart Pad Render! All raw files are given to you, that you have the full flexibility to modify into your own design in minutes.

  • Banners PNG sizes : 620×125, 1200×240, 620x124, 550x340, 1050x650, 170x1050, 220x1360
  • 3D Book Mockups PNG sizes : 370×500, 700×950, 300x323, 700x750
  • 3D Smart Pad and Monitor PNG sizes : 700x636, 1100x1000, 800x700, 1200x1060

Take a Great Look on the Designs

Cover 1 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

Cover 2 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

Cover 3 : Banners, Book Covers, Mock-Ups are provided with different sizes

  • 2D Design Covers AI/PSD Format

  • 3D Mockups - Books and Monitor Screens

  • Banners PNGs

DIY #4 : 8 Chapter Design Covers

8 chapters design covers with nice background pictures, and quotes. You can use these as viral images!

  • 8 chapters design covers in PNG format
  • Given all raw files (Photoshop)

Take a Great Look on the Designs

  • Chapter Covers PS/AI

  • Chapter Covers PNG

DIY #5 : Promotional Tools : Video Sales Letter, Swipes and Script

Done for you rendered video sales letter to be uploaded directly into sales page and start selling! You'll be given all the promotional tools to sell and pitch! All raw files given where you have the full flexibility to edit and modify to your satisfaction.

  • Upload rendered video, Put into sales page, Upload and Start Selling
  • Video sales letter's raw file given to you! (Power Point only)
  • Power Point Presentation Templates where you can Re-use for other similar products!

Power Point Template Given

  • Power Point Video Template

  • Rendered Video

  • Email Swipes and Script

  • Youtube & Power Point Render Code

Private Label Rights Certification

Full resell rights granted as you own the full ownership and resell for 100% profit with zero effort

How you can Monetize this PLR Product

  • Use as value added package to your current product to amplify sales's profit!
  • Use the E-book's contents to compose quality blogs, posts, follow ups, quotes and etc. Engage visitors and subscribers with the amazing quality insights.
  • Resell the original product at least 6.00 USD
  • Split them into 8 chapters and compose them as as powerful lead magnet. This would help you build a master email list!
  • Create a monthly paid membership and use the PLRs as giveaways. Split them into 8 parts, would be enough for at least few months!
  • Re-brand, re-modify, edit, customize, and improvise as you wish. And claim full ownership to the PLR
  • Offer the PLR as bonus to visitors who will buy from your affiliate link
  • Use the 8 amazing design covers as viral images in the social media
  • Use the provided video sales letter (power point) to promote other digital marketing products!

This is the Top Notch Private Label Offer :

Sales Driving "DIY" Package

We've provide you the most complete package that will amplify your sales profit! Take this package where you can scale up your business module this year!

Get Instant AccessYour Payment is 100% Secured!

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"Leads Building Package" as Instant Special Bonus!

Instant bonus comprised a Powerful PLR Lead Magnet "Email Sales Copy-writing" with subscribers capturing tools. Provide you amazing follow ups to educate subscribers and turn them into buyers!

Special Bonus : Module#1-Email Marketing Copy-Writing Blueprint with Templates (PLR Included)

Over 20 pages of email marketing sales copy-writing blueprint, consist of email templates where can be used directly for email marketing campaign. Highly converting lead magnet where no people can't resist it's quality.

  • A blueprint that teaches on how to write to impress email readers
  • Consist of email templates such as welcome email, follow up, and broadcast
  • Private label that makes you an expert in email marketing
  • Words Document

  • Exported PDF

  • Email Templates

Special Bonus: Module#2-Showcase and Lead Capturing Tools

2 different versions of design cover in 2D and 3D (mock-up renders) for you to showcase. Moreover, you will be furnished with 2 versions of lead capturing tools: squeeze pages and download pages. You only have to integrate opt-in form and start building your leads right away!

  • 2 different versions of design covers 2D and 3D
  • 2 different versions of squeeze pages with opt-in form
  • 2 different versions of download pages

Preview: Two different versions of squeeze pages

  • HTML Squeeze and Download Pages

  • Design Covers 2D and 3D (PNG)

  • Design Covers 2D (PS/AI)

Special Bonus: Module#3-Follow Up Auto-responder Series

The job is not complete yet, once you have captured subscribers or leads. You are being provided with one welcome email template, plus 6 email follow ups in auto-responder series. The auto-responder series will educate them with the follow ups where you can convert subscribers into buyers!

  • 6 email follow ups. Just put in your name and start email campaign right away!
  • 1 welcome email. just put in your name and download link!
  • Email Templates Notepad

Check on How much could you save?!

After looking at all these modules and bonuses, it is clear cut that you could save over $1,000 as we've done the most tedious work for you:

  1. Create a main blueprint
  2. Produce Private Label Rights as lead magnets
  3. Provide full fledged selling framework
  4. Provide professional graphic designs with full customization
  5. Value added bonuses for you to take away with a "Big" smile!

And, you earn 100% resell rights privilege to startup or boost your business with just a little bit of money. Well, this module could cost you $57 where the bonuses alone could cost your more than that!

However, we've taken consideration for the sake of private labels, that there will be similarity in the market. Thus, we've complement this with 3 different design covers with raw files given so you can modify yourself! You don't have to worry that your product's showcase would look similar with other product.

Moreover, we want to make sure that you are really satisfied with the PLR, so we would like to offer you at a discounted price of just $12.50.

So grab the entire package now with the value added bonuses, I will take them down soon!

Grab Entire PackageLimited Time Offer on the Bonuses

If you are not satisfied with the product, simple ask for a refund within 30 days from the date of the purchase. After refund, you might not posses resell rights of the product anymore, but you can keep the materials for your own reading.

No question asked, no red tapes, you request for refund, you get it! But a simple feedback would be pretty much appreciated!

I wan Instant Access Now!

DIY Marketing Handbook PLR Package

These are the modules which I'll get:

  • DIY #1 : 50 Quality Written Pages Main Blueprint
  • DIY #2 : Done for you Sales Page, Download Page & Agreement Page
  • DIY #3 : 3 Different Professional Graphic Designs
  • DIY #4 : 8 Chapter Design Covers
  • DIY #5 : Promotional Tools : Video Sales Letter, Swipes and Script

You get these "Limited Time Offer" Value Added Bonuses!

  • Module#1-Email Marketing Copy-Writing Blueprint with Templates (PLR Included)
  • Module#2-Showcase and Lead Capturing Tools
  • Module#3-Follow Up Auto-responder Series

Do it Yourself (DIY) Marketing Handbook PLR

So grab the entire package now as you are entitled with 30 days money back guarantee. Go have a try on this Amazing PLR module!

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    You can keep all the materials for reading purposes after refund, but you’ll lose the resell rights of the product.

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