CSS Button in a sales page does matter a lot in conversion rate or click-to-action rate! When visitors were landed on your sales page, there Must be One Action to be taken! Which is to Click the “Bloody” Button!

When visitors click the button on a sales page, it will direct them to a transaction page (where they purchase) or opt-in page (where they subscribe). So make sure your button are well orientated and not to be over exaggerated!



I have seen some of the buttons’ presentation are being too repulsive and pushy, which would chase away some potential leads or clients. In order to have a Optimized Call-to-Action Button, you need to have a button “Interacting”. It simply means that it changes it’s color or animations when your Mouse Hover Over it or Click On it.

You can have all these marketing strategy like Dime Sale, On-the-spot Offer, Limited Offer and etc on your sales page, But please don’t integrate those into a buy button. I would personally recommend a simple yet unique button where the background, button, and border change their color as according to your mouse state or mode [Mouse Normal State, Hover State and Click or Pressed State as below]

Buy Button on Mouse Normal State


Buy Button on Mouse Hover State


Buy Button on Mouse Pressed or Clicked Statebutton3

In order to have your Sales or Squeeze Page Button “Interacting”, CSS Button is the best option. Sounds technical? You’re not a Programmer? Neither Do I!

Looking at the rich resources on the internet, the best thing is I don’t have to write the CSS Code from scratch! All I have to do is to import the CSS Code from the internet and do some minor tweaking and editing on the font style, font size, font weight, color and etc. It’s so easy to do it!

I’ve seen some sales pages’ button is in fact a picture or photo where it embedded the URL link, that seems to be dull and not lively. You’re not going to do that because I’m going to show you how to generate a Lively and Interacting CSS Button!

Here is a Free Sample of a  Sales Page HTML with CSS Button Script.

Click here to download the free sample

(Please comment on below if you have any inquiries)