squeeze page

A converting landing page or squeeze page is a simple webpage where visitors give out their email addresses in exchange of something which they are interested at. So you need to offer them something attractive and prompt them to insert email addresses at the opt-in form.

squeeze page1

sample of squeeze page

Most of the time you would heard people discussing on how to use scarcity elements and sales writing techniques while composing a squeeze page. But I would like to share some other things which I personally think they would help you get higher conversion rates (subscriptions)!

Put in Nicely Illustrated Product or Book Covers

Always put a nice and illustrative product cover so visitors should able to visualize and apprehend. Sometimes, they just wanted to see a physical product, a 3D mock up with nice rendering as below:1

Knowing that attractive and appealing headlines are important, but these will only ended up redundancies if you never showcase or exhibit the product!

 Offer Quality Lead Magnets and Quality Contents

Offer quality lead magnets such as Private Label Rights (PLR) books is the key factor, however, you still have to take heed on the traffics quality on whether the market is highly targeted and top-tier or not. Don’t have any quality leads “Magnets”? Click here to claim full ownership of Private Label Rights for Free.

When you offer a lead magnet, a book. Please make sure that the book has less than 5 pages of words. You don't wan't to send those E-books with thousands of words. This would get them bored!

Take a small chunk from one of the PLR books which you deemed quality and useful, and compose them into a small blueprint as a lead magnet. The lesser the words, your leads are more anticipated to read them, it could be a short article. Don't even disregard this as this would brew a good relationship between you and your leads.

Simple Opt-In Form with Personal Touches

A simple opt-in form would be more than suffice, and never over-flood with words and pictures. To engage with your potential leads, always ask for their name, thus you would able to address them personally in the future follow ups.

They would be more grateful if you inquired more information from them, nickname and personal email address as appreciation. I have seen most of the opt-in forms only asked for email address, which is quite rude, this is merely like a trade (an exchange between an email address and a product), rather than a partnership or relationship.

What determine a good opt-in form is that visitors can understand the offer without even looking at the overall squeeze page. A good opt-in form is basically a summary of a whole squeeze page, that calls for subscription. So try to put some engaging words with nice font styles and a call-to-action button will be enough (Blog: How to create CSS Call-to-Action Button). See one example as below:

squeeze page1
example of an opt-in form

Animations and Illustrations

Imagining you as a visitor, who is landed on a squeeze page, you will be moving your “mouse” to navigate inside the page. Therefore, it is the utmost crucial to engage visitors subconsciously whenever they are landed to any webpage.

Illustrations and animations are crucial to engage visitors as human are sub-consciously attracted to images, visual effects, animated effects, graphics and etc. Animated GIF would be enough to draw visitors' attention. (Click here to Understand More on Animated GIFs)

books example: books
bar-chart example: charts

However, unique font styles and features are considered visual and illustrative as well, you don't have to over-flood your webpage with pictures or icons. Copy writing with nice font style, small engaging icons, and a call for action opt-in form will be more than enough to prompt visitors to subscribe.

So, do you think that after gaining those leads, jobs are done?

Click here to see how to make sure visitors confirm their subscriptions after entering their email addresses at the opt-in form. This is only the beginning! The toughest part is to follow up with your leads and build a rapport with them. (Blog: How to write welcome emails to subscribers)

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