Create graphic products is not hard, neither it is easy. You need appropriate tools and skills. Knowing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro or any others might give you a good head start or you will be struggling. Take up some course or go through online tutorials to get yourself familiar with the particular software you are keen on. Well, if you are a graphic guy, you can start anytime.

However, before you start, you need to know who are your targeted customers. If your customers are software noobies, then your product should be user-friendly whereby it does not require complicated skills. Sort of “Drag & Drop” or “Done For You” templates. On the other hands, if your customers are competent users, technically you can do anything you want, but it takes a longer time to complete as it involves more hectic process.

Always do something within your ability and most importantly it is easy for your customer to use it.

Graphics items you can create includes:


Icon is normally used in a webpage or sale page to attract customers. Conventional icons are boring and dull, typically designed with low graphic content, are no longer used in modern webpage (it still depends on personal preference). The latest trend is animated icon. It is believed to attract more visitors compared to conventional ones. Click here to know more on animated icons

Animated icons often consume more spaces in a webpage and for that reason, most people would prefer conventional type. Moreover, it takes lesser time to produce! In order to increase the impact of conventional icon, improvisation is normally done to enhance the quality of graphic content.

There are several websites that offer interesting icons such as: Flaticon, Iconfinder, and Fontawesome. Icons offered by these websites are generally unique and the best part is these icons are under Common Create License where you can use for commercial purposes.

You can use these as references for your own product. It does not seem complicated to generate an icon but it takes time to generate a bundle as you brainstorm the design aspect along the way. Just take your time.

Icons in Flaticon

Video Footage

Video footage is normally used in a plain video’s background or a short preliminary introduction. Compared to icon, video footage is much easier to create where you just need to record a short clip for 10 to 20 seconds and you are done. Yes, it is simple as it sounds!

It can be movement of living things, people, nature, technology, or many others. This requires no skills. It is just the matter of how you record and express the content of the video clips. Get the perfect angle and record the best moment for 1o to 20 seconds. For your information, there are many website where you can find video footage like: Videohive, Videoblock and MotionArray.

Try to look on the video footage from other people and record yours in a better way. In fact, you can sell it in these websites once you’re done.

  Video Footage in Videohive

Background Image

Background image is often used to beautify pages, banners or slides. It can be graphics-related where you only use software to create graphics elements with advanced effects or nature-related where you use camera to take high definition shots. Just do which ever you are good at and comfortable with. Anyway, it does not take long hours for both methods. Once you are done, you can either sell it or give it out for free as lead magnet.

Websites like pixabay, freepik, or pexels allow you to showcase your work-piece with free access. With amazing background images, you can always have them in your sales page or squeeze page. If you wanted to know more on how to create converting sales page, click here.

  Free Images in Pixabay

These are basically simple graphic products where you can with less hassles and minimum effort. There are many other products that you might not know. Here is the deal, this is one of our products: Instant Graphics where it comprised a bundle of 4 graphics assets with high quality, that includes animated icons, cut-out images, background images and background footage. Check out the video below:




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