Blog is a web site where entries are made and displayed in reverse chronological order. On the professional side, a blog for marketing can give company an identity and a “voice,” gaining visibility.

There are several reasons why we use blog as our content hub:

  1. Blogs are owned media where you can update your message any time without any intervention from third parties.
  2. Blogs are a form of social media where you can comment and share information.
  3. Blogs practically tops other forms of social media for effectiveness. (Source: Hubspot)
  4. Blogs drive traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Somehow depends on the content where it is search friendly or not. You can do  research on the popularity of keywords searches via Google Keyword Tool.
  5. Blogs allow you to do sales funnels, product reviews, giving our feedback on services or products where you can promote your affiliate links.
  6. Blogs have high tech management system like content management system (CMS) where you don’t even have to understand how to use HTML or PHP language if you have a Host and a Blogger Software.

How to Emerge your Blog as a Content & Sales Marketing Hub?


Step 1 – Build a Strong Foundation Blog with Rich and Credible Contents

A strong foundation is always the most important criteria where your contents need to have credibility and popularity. Moreover, be sure to use your own domain name for hosting where it resembles a company or a front-end retail shop where it is visible without any interruption from third parties.

“Don’t use free hosting like Blogger or Free WordPress Blogger”

Go check available domain NOW!


It could only cost you 25 US dollars at most to have your own host and own domain name. What harm could it done? Using blogging software like WordPress could easily help you write up and build up content with a good theme. Don’t waste your time on HTML coding while you have Free open source software to develop a website.

Step 2 – Know your Audience ‘s Demography

You need to know your audience “Food Appetite” or “Food Preference” before serving them your “Meal”. Beforehand please know what kind of content you’re making and target at the right person.

Marketing Personas are important for your blog, as well as other forms of content. If you’ve got distinct trying to reach, consider creating more than one blog and related content marketing.

Step 3 – Enhance your Content Impression

Making your content to be readable easily is quite a tough task as most of the internet surfer would just glanced them through without grasping the main idea of the contents.

Make sure that your contents are well organized, make them simple and informative as possible in terms of colors, font size, visual representation and etc. Visual representation and infographic are one of the most effective way to convey contents, however, video tools could be the next innovative way to convey messages and contents.


“People nowadays getting too lazy to read, they tend to listen and see more”

Break your content into bite-sized information chunks allow internet surfers to grasp quickly, while adding illustrative icons or pictures would be a tremendous boost.

Step 4 – Develop your Marketing Plan

Putting out your promotional calendar as one of the strategy to keep your visitors’ eye peeled on your blog. When you giving out announcement on some big offers or free giving outs on a particular time, you are creating anticipations among the visitors. This will create hooks around especially on email marketing.

“Integrating email subscription into the blog could be the best engine to make money online!”

Step 5 – Promote your Content

Publishing your content on the blog is not enough as you can promote your content via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Twitter and etc. Including the share button on your posts or contents enable your visitors to share among their Facebook friends. And promote your blog using Google Adwords using Pay Per Click could expose your blog via search engine algorithms!

Step 6 – Blog as your Platform to Build your Own Email List

A blog for marketing can give your company an identity and a “voice,” gaining visibility. Gaining visibility is not sufficient to optimize your blog. Using blog as your platform to get your email leads or subscribers and this will allow you to get a connection with them.

“It would be foolish that you hook up with a girl at a bar without getting the girl’s phone numbers or email address”

Once you get their email address, you can keep them posted on your latest updates on the blogs. I know that sending emails is very hectic, but we have some of the best email auto-responder software like Aweber to help you broadcast your post from your blog even while you are sleeping!


There could be other ways to optimize your blog or website, just follow your guts and instincts. The Most important thing is that, you have to understand your visitors’ mindset and subconscious on how they react to your posts.

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