When people talk about building a list or email list. It is defined as an action of accumulating email addresses which are subscribed to you. Imagine that you have 100,000 subscribers on your list, and probably 90% of them give out 1 dollar to you (assuming 10% of your subscribers are idle and non-active), you would have 90,000 dollar in your pocket, and that is the power of email list! An email list is a gold mine!

In order to have internet users subscribe to you, you require credibility or reputation. But there are always the other ways to build your own list apart from nailing on your website blog.

1. Using Popups or Opt-in Form

Popops or opt-in form are one of the greatest way to get subscribers, even a simple popup form can gives you a conversion of 3.42%, In fact, we have acquired over 100 subscribers in just few days with proven methods. Aweber is our recommended email list software that can provide you auto-responder messages function.

“Building a list can be easy, maintain your list is tough”

You need an auto-pilot responder or email software to do the follow up messages. Eventually its still has to depend on the quality of your follow ups and blogging contents. See here to know more on email marketing.


2. Ease the Method of Subscribing

Most of the internet surfers insert their email addresses into the popup or opt-in form but never confirm. Typically once they have inserted, auto-responder software will send a confirmation link to their email inbox where most of the internet surfers felt too tedious to confirm. Click here to know more on how to ease the process of subscriptions.

That’s why we need your subscriber page or squeeze page to have

  • Benefit of subscribing to your list (significant enough for them to confirm)
  • Strong call-to-action that encourage people to confirm their email
  • Step-by-step walk through of what they need to do to confirm

Click here to find out on how to create highly converting squeeze page.

3. Intensive Marketing Strategies applied on Popup or Opt-In Form

Internet visitors’ subconscious mind and attention in the internet world are worth to be studied, they click on things or links without even noticing. Therefore, always integrate intensive marketing terms to trigger their subconscious mind.

“Visitors subconscious mind projects the images in front and sending impulses to the finger to click without going thru the neural system”

Call-To-Action Button / Submit Button

Thus, we can extrapolate extreme marketing terms on Call-To-Actions on Buttons such as:

“Let’s do this”, “I’m in”, “I wan to grab it”, “Go check it out”, “Instant access”, “Yes, I wan more”

Click here to find out more on how to build a CSS call-to-action button.

Pitching or Selling Section

For any giveaways in your opt-in form, try to incorporate some terms when you pitch about giveaways or free handouts like, “Exclusive”, “Advanced”, “Secrets”, “Limited Time”, “Extreme”, “Download” and etc.

Always put some Numbers or Time inside the selling section, numbers are constant variables, where readers can understand how far can the giveaways or free handout contribute such as:

“Email list handbook that give you 100 subscribers in 2 weeks”

“Extreme affiliate marketing E-book help you build your internet business in 1 week”

or some extravagant terms like

“Earn 100$ online everyday with this handbook”

“We going to give out this E-book which worth 100$ for Free”

(but keep in mind that you must be honest with what you have pitched)

Exit Button Terms

Always put an exit button at the opt-in form or popups, make sure internet readers don’t feel compelled to subscribe and they have a way out. Anyhow, you always can put some wordings beside the exit button to tell them how stupid they are if to exit.

“No thanks, I got enough money and don’t wish to make money online”
“I’m not into weight loss program, i just love indulging in glucose”
“Leave me alone, I’m too paranoid to try it”

example of opt-in form
example of a opt-in form

“We call them intensive marketing strategies that mingle with internet surfers’ subconscious mind that they will lose Something if they don’t subscribe, and lose Nothing if they subscribe”

example of average opt-in form
example of a opt-in form

example of a professional opt-in-form
example of a opt-in form

The whole process of subscription must not involve anything regarding opting for a newsletter. But a process of downloading something which visitors need.


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