When comes to building up business leads, it is all about “proposing”, “interacting”, and build a rapport with subscribers or leads. You must always clearly define out what benefits they will get if they subscribe to you. Bring them to reveries which they dream of, this will boost your credibility.

Capture Email Addresses or Leads

Imagine that you are the subscriber, what makes you want to subscribe? To gain a particular solution to day-to-day problem, a formula to a bug, a resolution to an issue? That’s why you need to provide a “solution” to their issues.

Subject headline or heading of your squeeze page or landing page must be highly targeted (niche) and make sure the heading is written in verb form or “action” form. Don’t provide vague statement such as “Subscribe to us for More Newsletters”, this won’t be interesting enough for them to subscribe. Some examples as below:

Example 1:

Targeted Field: Resell Rights

Subject Headline: "Resell with 100% Ownership and Grab Full Profits"

Example 2:

Targeted Field: Lead Magnets

Subject Headlines: "Grab Email Leads with these Amazing Magnets"

Example 3:

Targeted Field: Copy-writing

Subject Headlines: "Grasp the Killer Shot in sales copy-writing with instant call-to-action

Example 4:

Targeted Field: Fitness and Health

Subject Headlines: "Secrets on Post-Workout Diet, you Eat to get Ripped!"


How to Optimize Email’s Open Rate and Bounce Rate?

Even though you have the best contents or information, the most amazing deal and offer, it would be a great waste if subscriber don’t even bother to click or open you emails. Thus, a subject headline and a prompt (first sentence chunk extracted from your email’s body content) are the most crucial elements to trigger open rate or click rate!

The Numeric and Time Factor Inputs

Integrate the numeric factor inside the subject headline such as “time” and “cost”. Intrigue email readers with time and money factors. Human tend to avoid missing out the best moments, thus they are pretty sensitive to words like “Now” , “60 Seconds” , “Before it’s Too Late” , “It’s Over” , “Time’s Up” and etc. This would create a sense of urgency as to engage email readers.

Moreover, put in some numeric factors inside a broadcast and this will convey a better message on savings and discounts. Inform them how much could they saved or earn rather than telling them how much it costs. See some examples below:

Subject Headline #1 – “50% discount on this Pinnacle Software”

Subject Headline #2 – “Grab this $1,250 worth of Package, and Save $2,250”

Subject Headline #3 – “Do this, you can earn $100 everyday!”

Subject Headline #4 – “Act now and you’ll save over $500”

Subject Headline #5 – “7 Days Limited Offer on this $1,250 worth of Module”

Subject Headline #6 – “It’s over, you’ve missed the 567 dollars deal!”

Writing email body contents must be simple and direct. Whenever readers open email inbox, they will see the subject headline and the prompt. Thus your prompt (first ever sentence in email body contents) must be clear, direct, and interesting.

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