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Grab 100% Master Resell Rights on 6 Figures Marketing Biz in a Box : Email Marketing with AWeber

Plus JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorial

Full Access to Customized Selling Framework, Tools and Templates!

ACCESS TO UPGRADE PACKAGE100% Full Master Rights Included

Perks of Becoming a Digital Product Vendor

Able to Customize. Upload. Optimize. Sell. Build Client List. Earn Future Profits

  • Branding

    Remodify, Rebrand, Rebuild as your own Business Program & Framework

  • Control

    Full control authority on this PLR, twist and tweak as you please

  • Free Traffic

    No Money Spend on Marketing, Advertising, and Traffic

Affliates drive traffic for you

Creating products is always tedious and time consuming. We have took almost half a year to compose this wonder PLR module. You don't have to wait too long to produce one but to access to this PLR module.

Avoid spending thousands of dollars on PLR while before seeing your first dollar back! Get this product as a ready package and start generating your Own Profit with FREE Traffic!

Generate income as vendor

This PLR module is instant startup package where you just put in your name in all those selling frameworks and products. Re-purpose, Re-Modify, Re-Title, Re-Brand the contents into another framework and sell as a vendor!

View what you can do more on this PLR Module at the bottom PLR agreement! You can literally do anything on this PLR!

What's Inside 6 Figures Marketing Biz in a Box?

This is a "Ready to Go" Specialised Selling Framework & Tools where you will be given PLR on

"JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorials" to sell, using "AWeber Module

Including Product Modules and Selling Tools" as integral framework to boost your sales!

Marketing Biz Selling Framework & JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorials

Master Resell Rights on AWeber Products & Selling Module 

Why 6 Figures Marketing Biz PLR ?

This is a full fledged training and selling package to become a Digital Product Vendor.

Master Resell Right on the Product and the Specialized Selling Framework where

you earn as Rightful Owner and Expert in Digital Marketing. 

  • 11 JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorials

    Over 60 minutes full fledged JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorials on how to create, modify, customize, setup and launch digital products

  • Full Master Resell Rights

    Resell rights on “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools” and “JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorials”, you will be given specialized selling framework

  • AWeber Blueprint

    40 screenshots pages on building email marketing business step-by-step

  • Suits Newbie

    Good choice for both newbie & professional where the demand is high

  • Full Resell Rights

    You get Master Resell Rights on the whole selling package and framework

  • Video Sales Letter

    3 versions of video sales letter templates done for you by Power Point Only

  • Customized Mini Website

    Mini-site of sales page, squeeze pages, and policy page with CSS Menu

  • Flexible Framework

    This Selling Framework is customized to fit any kind of digital product

  • Boost to Membership

    You can Re-Modify into contents for membership updates or give aways

  • Minimal Expenditure

    You don’t need to Spend Money on any Software to use the Framework.

You as a

Bestseller Module

Product Vendor


Your Marketing Biz Module

Sell "JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorial" as Front End Product

  • Bundle into a Package

Offer Private Resell Rights on "AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools"

ACCESS TO UPGRADE PACKAGE100% Full Master Rights Included

Marketing Biz : Product & Showcase Component

11 JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorials and it's Showcase Components

  • 11 video tutorials on how to Launch and Setup digital products
  • Tutorials utilize "AWeber Modules" as pilot project to startup!
  • Composing Webpages with niche CSS skills and FREE resources
  • Capture Leads with FREE Software via Integrated Opt-In Form
  • Compose & Render powerful video sales letter with Power Point Only!
  • Covered all Basic Skills where it start from nothing to a full fledged framework

You will be given Showcase Tool to Promote this Product:

  • 11 Tutorials (MP4)

  • CSS & JS Scripts for Upload

  • Smart Players Script & HTML

Your will be given Tools to Showcase this Product

Product Footage or Trailer in MP4

6 Product Introduction Videos in MP4

Marketing Biz : Selling Tool #1

Design Icons, Banner and Product Covers

  • "Ready to go" Product Covers in 2D and 3D
  • "Drag and drop" Design Icons
  • "Drag and drop" Banner Design Icons
  • PNG / JPG and Photoshops / AI format provided
  • JPG or PNG Format

  • Photoshops or AI Format

Marketing Biz Product Covers in 2D and 3D

Marketing Biz Product Raw Icons

Marketing Biz : Selling Tool #2

Sales Letter Page & Agreement Policy Page

  • "Ready to go" HTML Pages
  • "Fill in the Blank" Pages
  • Provided Sample Page for Reference
  • HTML Format provided with CSS Script
  • HTML Format

  • CSS Script

Sales Letter Page HTML

Sales Letter Page & Policy Agreement Page HTML

Marketing Biz : Selling Tool #3

Amazing Power Point Video Sales Letter

  • "Ready to go" Video Sales Letter
  • "Fill in the Blank" Power Point Templates with Placeholders
  • Using Power Point Only to Compose, Produce and Render to MP4 Videos
  • Power Point Slide Template

  • Video Render Reference

  • Power Point Macro Render Code

  • Audio References

Check out Our Amazing Power Point Video Sales Letter

You get Master Resell Rights on Email Marketing with AWeber : Product + Selling Modules!


AWeber Module Component 1

Smart Blueprint Email Marketing in AWeber

40 screenshots smart blueprint with permalink on every single step to build up email marketing & online business

  • Microsoft Words

    Email Marketing Blueprint

  • PDF Export

    Email Marketing Blueprint

  • PNG or JPG

    2 Product Covers in 2D or 3D

  • Photoshops or AI

    2 Product Covers in 2D or 3D

Email Marketing Blueprint Screenshots as below

Email Marketing AWeber

AWeber Module Component 2

Mini Website with CSS Menu Template

Squeeze or landing pages, sales page, and agreement policy page. Customized for Email Marketing with AWeber, integrate squeeze pages to gain FREE Leads or Subscribers

  • HTML Pages

    Easy Editable

  • CSS Menu

    CSS Menu & Button

  • PNG or JPG

    Product Icons

  • Photoshops or AI

    Product Icons

Sales Page with CSS Menu & Button and Squeeze Pages with Opt-In Form as below

AWeber Module Component 3

PHP Script Protected Download Page

Provides PHP script protection with JVZoo Secret Key. It is always important to secure your products and prevent from people sharing it for FREE

  • HTML Pages

    Easy Editable

  • CSS Script

    CSS Button

  • PHP Script

    JV Zoo Secret Key Pin

Download Page with CSS Button with Opt-In Form as below

AWeber Module Component 4 and 5

JV Zoo Contest Template and Funnel Analysis

  • JV Zoo Contest Template Notepad

    Simple contest template where you can copy and paste into seller dashboard

  • Funnel Analysis Excel

    Feasibility study on how to plan your JV Zoo contest. Secrets & Advice to benefit both affiliate and vendor

AWeber Module Amazing Component 6

Component 6 : Two Versions of Power Point Video Sales Letters

Template comprised master slide where animations, fonts placeholders, images, background are furnished nicely for you! Customize for any kind of Marketing Product

  • 2 Power Point Slide Templates

  • Macro Render Code

  • Design Icons PNG / JPG

  • 2 Video Render Samples

Check out our Amazing Video Sales Letter!

Preview one of the Power Point Video Templates as below where you can Render it within Minutes without any Plugins at all!

Video Sales Letter Template 3.0

AWeber Module Component 7

Component 7 : Giveaway 50 PLR Packs with Landing Pages

Powerful Lead Magnets as giveaways, bonuses, boosters to your business framework. Each PLR Pack is provide with a squeeze page.

  • 50 PLR Books

  • 50 Book Covers PNG or JPG

  • 50 Landing HTML Pages

  • 20 Thank you HTML Pages

AWeber Module Component 8

Component 8 : 30 Follow Up Email Templates

35 follow ups on digital marketing field, where you can quickly build up & initiate your email campaign

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Niche Marketing

  • Traffic & SEO

AWeber Module Component 9

Email Marketing Writing PLR

26 pages on how to compose and write email persuasively, optimize click-to-action rate. Given samples on how to compose welcome emails, creative subject headlines, email body contents and etc.

  • Email Marketing Writing PLR Doc

  • Email Marketing Writing PLR PDF

Screenshots of email marketing writing PLR as below

Announcing your Product Vendor Setup Video Tutorial Module and Package : 6 Figure Marketing Biz

You not just Selling the Tutorial, you can offer Whole Module & Framework (PLR Included)!

  • 1. Customize

  • 2. Upload

  • 3. Setup in Seller Dashboard

  • 4. Earn Money

I wan Instant Access to this PLR:

6 Figure Marketing Biz in a Box - Master Resell Rights Included

  • Marketing Biz Product & Showcase Component : 11 JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorials in MP4
  • Marketing Biz Showcase Component : JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorials Introductions in MP4
  • Marketing Biz Showcase Component : JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorials Footage in MP4
  • Marketing Biz Selling Tool #1 : Design Icons, Banner and Product Covers
  • Marketing Biz Selling Tool #2 : Sales Letter Page & Agreement Policy Page
  • Marketing Biz Selling Tool #3 : Amazing Power Point Video Sales Letter

"AWeber Modules Marketing Biz" Offered Master Resell Rights

  • Component 1: Smart Blueprint Email Marketing in AWeber
  • Component 2: Mini Website with CSS Menu Template
  • Component 3: PHP Script Protected Download Page
  • Component 4: JV Zoo Contest Template Notepad
  • Component 5: JV Zoo Product & Funnel Analysis
  • Component 6 : Two versions of Power Point Video Sales Letters
  • Component 7: Giveaway 50 PLR Packs with Landing Pages
  • Component 8: 30 Follow Ups Email Templates
  • Component 9: Email Marketing Writing PLR

Get FULL Access for $39.99


Biz Marketing in a Boz (Master Resell Rights Included)

Access to Full Master Resell Rights Now!


$39.99 Its on Dime Sale!

Email us at for any inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Question 1: What extent can I do on this product

    Yes, you may resell the “JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorial PLR” only as front end product at least $10

    Yes, you may resell the “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools”  at least $10 with resell rights or front end product (Product Module Only) at least $5

    Yes, you may resell the Marketing Biz: “JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorial PLR” + “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools” as private license rights at least $30.00

    Yes, you may modify your membership site with this product to your PAID membership site.

    Yes, you may offer the product as giveaways or bonuses

    Yes, you may edit and modify the products and selling framework [encouraged]

    Yes, you may edit the content which includes the eBook(s), sales page and opt-in page.

    No, you may NOT giveaway the Main Tutorial Product or the Main Blueprint for Free.

    No, you may NOT be allowed to sell the package if you did not change the the address or name of the package as follows: “Six Figures Marketing Biz in a Box”, “JV Zoo Product Video Tutorial PLR”, and “Email Marketing PLR”.

    You are Advised to modify the content at least 30% if you were to sell the whole module.

    Click here to understand more

  • Question 4: What makes your product special?

    Well, this is not a PLR Product, but a PLR Product Framework and Selling Tools. We give and show you how to sell with a framework, plus with amazing tools to optimize your sales.

    The main product, “JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorial” is a 60 minutes video with subtitles showing how to build up online business. The tutorial will show how to use “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools” to startup! This would be the/your Best Selling Point.

    This video tutorials have covered all the basic skills for newbies such as

    1. How to upload JV Zoo Buy Button
    2. How to upload HTML Pages into Host
    3. How to integrate Opt-In Form into Pages
    4. How to Capture Email Address
    5. How to upload videos into YouTube
    6. How to Register JV Zoo Product into Seller Platform
    7. How to put in CSS Button
    8. How to  Render Power Point Videos
    9. and so on where you don’t realize that there are all inside the tutorials!

    Most people watch video tutorial ended up getting lost and carried away. If they follow all the steps in the “Video Tutorial” with “AWeber Module” as their startup project. They will definitely won’t get lost!

    In order to help you boost your sales, we grant you Full Master  Resell Rights on “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools” so you can resell it back to your customers (your customers can sell the “AWeber Module” as front-end product). They will have a taste on how to build up a successful online business. It is always advisable to change the presentations, addresses, and names of the module, and modify the contents to avoid repetitions in the market.

    Our selling tools and framework are Zero Expenses based where you only need to pay Hosting & Domain. We teach you how to use FREE Software to build amazing mini websites and email campaigns, we show you how to use Power Points to Produce and even Render an Amazing Video Sales Letter.

    We offer two versions (AWeber Module) and another version (Marketing Biz) of “done for you” Power Points Video Sales Letter Templates! Just put in your name, upload into YouTube, integrate into Sales Page and Start Selling!

  • Question 2: How am I going to get the product after purchase

    After purchase, we will send you a registration link to your PayPal Email Address for you to register to JBJT Membership Portal

    And you can download all the products and modules in the given membership download page. If you have lost the products, you can always go back our membership to download again, wherever you go without a laptop, you just need internet to access to our membership portal to download the product.

    Plus, if there is any updates on the product, we will be able to inform you.

    If you have problems downloading or accessing the membership download page, please send us a ticket here

  • Question 3: How do I get started after purchase?

    Well that’s, we will give you Manual Guidebook with a Master Resell Rights Certificate to start off the campaign right away

    If you are eager to start off “AWeber Module”, just follow exactly the “JV Zoo Product Setup Video Tutorial” to do, the video tutorial uses “AWeber Module”as reference, you will not get lost watching the video!

    If you are eager to start off “6 Figure Marketing Biz”, it should be easy to edit and modify as the video tutorial basically teaches the same thing.


  • Question 5: What is the difference between this "Master Resell Rights" and "Private License Rights on Email Marketing with AWeber"

    If you buy this “Master Resell Rights” in this offer, you will get master resell rights on “AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools” where you can resell the private license rights to other people at not less than $10.00.

    You will also get private license rights on the “JV Zoo Product Setup Tutorial “where you can resell as front-end product to other people at not less than $10.00

    You can resell Six Figures Marketing Biz in a Box as a front end module or product comprised JV Zoo Product Video Tutorial PLR as front end product and AWeber Module Including Product Modules and Selling Tools as resell rights product at not less than $30.00

    If you opt for “Private License Rights on Email Marketing with AWeber”, you can only resell the private license rights which is just Only AWeber Product Modules to other people at least $5.00. You Can’t sell AWeber Module Selling Tools.

  • Question 6: What do you mean by Free Software?

    When you bought this  product or module, you would only need a Host and Domain Only, leave the rest to the framework!

    There are some heads up,

    For editing pictures or icons, you can use GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) which is a FREE desktop program.

    For editing HTML pages, you can use Kompozer which is a FREE HTML page composer, its superbly easy to use! Just like microsoft.

    For editing MP4 videos, you can use Movie Maker which is FREE to create movie presentations.

    While for editing documents and slides, you need to have Microsoft Words and Power Points. Whose laptop don’t have Microsoft anyway?

    For creating, modifying, composing, and Rendering video sales letter, all can be done by Power Point!

    For building up email auto-responder campaigns, opt-in form email capturing, you can use Benchmark as a starter! Its Free for less than 2,000 subscribers and max of 14,000 emails sent per month.

    We will offer you our niche skills on how to harness these FREE and Basic Tools to come out with an Amazing Framework! See you there!Wha

100% Satisfaction!

We offer you 30 Days 100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee. This Private License Rights Module has one of the best selling tools which you can have! Please tell us why if you opt for a refund! Don't have to return anything as those modules' components are for your perusal!



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