Animated GIF as marketing toolkit, has been widely used. GIF basically stands for “Graphical Interchange Format”. It comprised a series of frames scripted into an animation, can be either repeating or non-repeating. As we all knew, human subconscious is visually sensitive to anything that moves, flutters or animates, this is where we need to use GIF to attract attention and make a kill shot!


A simple animated background picture can make you feel comfortable and chill. It is always a good idea to put nice background picture with animations and make your webpage look more appealing and approachable.

There is no doubt that animated GIF is the best medium to portray and convey messages.

Sometimes video media is too complicated to use, video sometimes has over-flooded information which would bore and chase away visitors. Therefore, illustrative and animated vector icons are always the most effective presentation tools in webpages. Look at those vector icons as below, these are just simply eyes catching.







GIFs are Effective to Prompt for Action

An image or photo can tell a simple message, if we put in some motions,  for example, highlighted movement, these amazing features are definitely effective for conversion and call to action.

As most marketers know, animated GIF is very effective to prompt call to action. These can be put into

  1. Sales page to call for “buying” action
  2. Squeeze page to call for “subscribing” action
  3. Web page to capture attentions
  4. E-banners to attract views or impressions

GIFs are your Voice, Gesture and Expression

GIF can connects and creates bond with human psychologically and emotionally. With sentimental touches, it can bring viewers harmony, comforts and sense of approaches, that these can be extended to the reach of new readers or even new subscribers.

gif explaination
Comparison between direct selling and online selling

A wise man said, if have to compare direct selling (to people) with online selling (in internet), sales letter page is the “salesperson”, animated GIF is the “human gestures, expressions and tone of voice”. Essence in direct selling (one-to-one) are human gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, that can be replaced by GIF in online selling.

Typically GIF intrigues interest and attention among viewers or readers, then the video and sales copy writing will do the selling and pitching after getting their attentions.

So, let’s use GIF to portray yourselves as a person in the internet world. Let them recognize you!


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