In order to simplify the definition of affiliate marketing, here is the description:

“A way for a company (Advertiser/Merchant/Seller) to sell it’s products by assigning Third Party (Publisher/Affiliate Marketers/Internet Marketers) to market the products and getting the Commissions for every sales”

Affiliate Marketing Mindmap
Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Mindmap

In an affiliate program, advertiser will have to pay affiliate commission for every sale. It may sound easy when i say “commission for every sale”, this actually requires a very good skill sets in marketing and advertising. We are talking about internet marketing, which is the understanding of visitors’ subconscious mind. Affiliate marketers might use different marketing channels such as google ad-words, website blogging or email list. So it simply indicate that affiliates are an extension of your sales force and represent your online brand.

“Affiliate marketing is different from any other conventional marketing”

In the big, beautiful, technology called the World Wide Web or known as Internet or the vast digital ocean of information, which is accessible with just a click at our finger tip. Emergence of search engine in the 90s, internet ballooned into a massive e-commerce and information machine. This is where opportunities were shown to website owner, affiliate marketer, e-commerce marketer, and others that internet is a very very huge market.

“We live in the digital ages, so admit it”

“We buy things online, we don’t go to the retail shops”

Nowadays people tend to look at to the laptop, desktop, pad’s screen all day long, this is the gate towards opportunity where internet is the main bub for every single person.

“As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users” (Source: Statistic)

Imagine that 1.44 billion users are active on Facebook every month, if you simply post an ads, this will lead you to a certain amount of conversions or sales even with just 1% of the neighbor population exposed to it. This is how social network can sparkle your product promotional campaign, while we still have other marketing channel like Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Solo Ads and etc.

“Why we have to harness and optimize the usage of social networks to drive traffic ?? Because Social Network Market is RIDONKULOUSLY Big!”

Affiliate Marketing Social Network
Population of Social Network

“I’m not talking about the Total Population of these Social Networks at a Particular Time,  it’s the Total Population that are Active on Monthly Basis!” (Source : Ebizmba)

Normal Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Conventional Marketing vs. Affiliate Marketing


“If you get the wrong niche market, you lose money, even if you get the right niche, you might end up competing with other affiliates to get sales” If you looking for the perfect niche product and an autopilot affiliate program, I think this is for you!

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